Electric charging station

Do you finally have the electric vehicle
you’ve been dreaming of?

Trust us for the installation

of your electric charging station!

Why choose to install an electric charging station at your home?

Ideal placement, indoor or outdoor, according to your needs

A vehicle always charged and ready to use, with reduced charging time

Substantial monetary savings compared to using public charging stations

Multiple models compatible with all electric vehicles

Financial assistance of up to $600 for the purchase and installation of your electric charging station

Added value for your property

Call upon our certified electricians service and recharge your car from the comfort of your home

Installing an electric charging station is a beneficial investment, provided you choose your equipment and especially your installer wisely! At GéoServices, proud of our 16 years of experience, we are happy to accompany you in your transition to all-electric. We also offer an installation service for electric generators to keep you safe from network outages.

Choose a master electrician to benefit from the best service and guaranteed long-term satisfaction!

The 5 Steps to Installing an Electric Charging Station with GéoServices

Evaluation of your electrical installation

Our certified electricians first check your current electrical installation to ensure that the system can accommodate a charging station. (If this is not the case, you may consider redoing your electrical panel!)

Personalized advice on power and equipment

We provide you with the power suitable for your vehicle and guide you in choosing the most suitable equipment for you

Installation of your electric charging station

We proceed with the installation of your electric charging station as close as possible to your parking, whether it’s indoors or outdoors

Assistance with setup and usage

We assist you with the setup and usage of your new electric charging station!

After-sales service and maintenance

An issue with your equipment? We’ll always be here to provide you with top-notch service in the long run.

The company ranked #1 in customer satisfaction

Partnerships and Accreditations

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