Get permanently protected
from network outages

Install your own backup generator

with GéoServices

Why equip your home with a generator?

Protection against outages at any time of the year

Guaranteed peace of mind with ultra-responsive customer service

High-performance and durable equipment for easy and safe use

Added value to your property

Great operational flexibility: power all or part of your home according to your needs

Manual or automatic switch for true peace of mind

We’re relying more and more on electricity: take back control with your generator!

An auxiliary power circuit frees you from worrying about a network outage. In winter, keep your interior cozy and functional with heating maintenance. In summer, enjoy the coolness of your air conditioning system and protect yourself from extreme heat. If you’re telecommuting, no longer fret over WiFi outages and stay connected with colleagues and loved ones.

Finally, by installing an electric charging station for your vehicle, rest assured that your car will be ready to go in the morning even in the event of a nighttime outage.
Backup generators can be configured to start automatically and focus on the priority needs of your home: travel with peace of mind and no longer worry about losing all the food in the refrigerator!

For even greater peace of mind

Rely on our certified electricians service

Installing a backup generator requires some electrical adjustments, including the installation of an automatic transfer switch. We first verify the compliance of your electrical system, then expertly install your brand new generator. If needed, we can also offer you a service to modernize your electrical panel. We also guide you in its usage and always stand ready to react in case of need.

Choosing GéoServices guarantees you extensive experience in the field of electrical installation and unparalleled customer service!

The company ranked #1 in customer satisfaction

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