Geoservices offers an incredible customer experience. Because of the advice of their experts, you will be able to choose the best system to meet your cooling and heating needs and at the right price.


Whether for an air conditioner, furnace, heat pump or air exchanger, proper installation is essential to ensure a good return on your air conditioning and heating devices. Technical manipulations required to start your system must be performed by certified experts. With a well-engineered installation, you will be able to enjoy your system for several years.


Our experts are able to perform a fast and reliable diagnosis on any type of air conditioning and heating system. With our experience, we have access to all makes and models available on the market. Our team offers a fast, efficient and courteous service.


The maintenance of your air conditioning or heating system is essential to ensure a long life. Several audits and manipulations can be performed by you, but some of them require more specific attention. Our advisors will help you make the right decision about the planned maintenance of your systems to enable them to maintain high efficiency over a longer period.