Climatisation GéoServices

Why join our team?

Join a young and dynamic team of air conditioning and heating experts

We are a young and dynamic company that promotes a cooperative working atmosphere. We want to recognize and value the strengths of each member, for the good of the team. We treat our employees like members of the family. Everyone has the right to express themselves freely and every concern is heard and listened to.

  • Great flexibility in terms of individual requirements
  • Remuneration according to the CCQ rate in force
  • Possibility of teleworking for office workers
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use management software
  • Trucks and gasoline provided to technicians
  • Work clothes provided to all employees

3500 +

Completed projects

7000 +

Satisfied customers

14 +

Years of experience

Grow in a flexible and understanding professional environment

At GeoServices, we believe that everyone evolves with their own reality. Respecting the well-being of the company, we listen to the different needs of our employees and do our best to meet them.

Climatisation GéoServices
Climatisation GéoServices

Be rewarded at your fair value

It is always interesting to be recognized for our good shots. Whether financially, in gifts, in workload or other various forms, we recognize the efforts made and try to reward our team for the quality of their efforts throughout the year.

Climatisation GéoServices

Découvrez de nombreuses possibilités d’avancement au sein de l’entreprise

Whether in terms of facilities, service, administrative tasks or sales, there will be opportunities to progress professionally within the company. We are constantly growing and new challenges are to be met every day.

Climatisation GéoServices
Climatisation GéoServices

Take part in our team-building activities

Behind every co-worker hides a human very different from the one you know. At GeoServices, we believe that getting out of our work environment allows the team to become more productive, increases everyone’s productivity, reduces stress, allows us to get to know each other better, to communicate better and thus increases everyone’s motivation. world.

Climatisation GéoServices

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