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Why Do You Need a More Modern Electrical Panel?

Choosing to modernize your electrical panel brings you numerous advantages, besides the fact that modernization and regular maintenance of electrical panels are mandatory everywhere in Quebec. New technologies allow you to significantly increase the electrical capacity of your home.

You will no longer have to turn off the vacuum cleaner to use the hairdryer!
More power also ensures that you can operate energy-intensive installations (SPA, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, air conditioning …)
New electrical panels also incorporate integrated diagnostic systems that allow us to quickly identify the source of a problem. The components are much easier to maintain and replace than those of old fuse panels. This ensures a more secure electrical system, preventing any fire outbreak as is often the case with old electrical panels.


New Panels for a New World

Don’t worry about a potential fire in your home anymore. New electrical panels effectively protect you against overload risks. The latest models are also equipped with modern and efficient devices to greatly optimize your energy expenses (timers and thermostats, motion detectors …). They also allow you great adaptability to renewable energies. For example, opt for a model that integrates solar energy management to make the most of your ecological investments! It’s an economical way to operate while respecting the planet, not to mention the significant increase in the value of your home.
At GéoServices, we are proud to accompany you in this transitioning world.

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